General Information about your Apps

Why does my business need an App??

Mobile apps are the fastest growing marketing tool for businesses, organizations, and practices, period.

With your App you can improve all aspects of your relationships with your customers, members, patients, employees, fans, or constituents.

    • Distribute all your content and notify your users with Push Messages
    • Reward Customer Loyalty (Coupons, Loyalty programs, Contests)
    • Sales (Mobile Ordering, Loyalty Programs, Announce Specials)
    • Brand Awareness (Event Promotion, Client engagement, Social Media Integration)
    • Provide Services such as appointments, directions, notes, etc…

All of the tech stuff is not for me, how does this work?

It really is easy.  Getting your own app takes nearly no effort on your part to get started…

    1. We gather all the information from you in a fast questionnaire either in person, or on the phone.
    2. You can send us your own images, we can take new ones for you, or we can use stock images to get started.
    3. We create your app!   Android, Mobile and Web Apps are available usually within 1-2 business days of all information being gathered.   We publish to Apple the iPhone and iPad apps within 1-2 weeks due to their stricter guidelines.
    4. We provide you with a web page so that you can update your app from anywhere with no technical knowledge at all!   Our service and support is always available as well as content update program services if you require.

I am busy running a business, how much time of mine does it need?

Your Apps Company can have you an App literally overnight with almost no effort from you.   We have full-service startup packages that customize your app, add all your content, and can even come to your business and do a professional photography session!

We provide you with an easy to use secure updating web page with which you can keep your app updated with yourself.   We even offer content updating services if you require which take even less time!

How often can I update my App?

Everyday if you wish!   It is easy to add, edit, and delete menu items in minutes.

We provide a great feature that allows you to activate only the menu items you want as you need them so that you can develop a large base menu and customize for the week, month or season.

Do I have to do anything with Google or Apple to maintain my app?

Nope.   We take care of all the maintenance and agreements with the App Stores.

I want to stop using my app, how does this happen?

Simply contact us directly to terminate your account within your agreement.   Month-to-Month agreements can be cancelled with as little as a days notice.

We will however do everything we can to try and keep you satisfied and try and keep you as a client!

Do you do apps for other business types?

Yes!   While we are focused on the restaurant, bar and nightclub business, we can do others!

We can customize an app for just about any club, bar, band, entertainer, lawyer, doctor, non-profit, school, or event!   Just call!

OK, still sounding good, how do I start?

Great!   Just call or email us to get started!  855-Get-App1 or sales@YourAppsCompany.com

Mobile Ordering and Ecommerce

Can my customers order & pay right from their phone?

Yes!   We offer a fully Ecommerce integrated food, tickets, membership or merchandise ordering system.   We even can have the receipts print out on your printer in your store so you can begin processing the order.

So, when do I get paid for mobile orders?

We setup the Mobile food ordering system with your PayPal or Google merchant account and your are paid directly into your bank accounts by them.

How much does each mobile order cost me?

Other then a one-time setup fee, Your Apps Company does not charge any transaction fees!   Your Merchant account with either PayPal or Google determines your transaction fees.

You can automatically add Mobile Ordering Convenience Fees if you’d like to cover the cost!

Can my users pay for Memberships?

Yes!   You can support many different membership levels as well!

Can my fans order my branded merchandise?

Yes!   We also integrate with many online shopping cart systems!

Can we accept tax deductible donations?

Yes!   PayPal and Google offer substantial reductions in transaction fees for non-profits!

Can Mobile Orders be paid in cash?

Yes!   You can offer the option for your clients to pay in cash either at pickup or delivery.

Can Delivery Fees be added?

Yes!  They can also automatically be waived for orders over a pre-determined amount.

Can I set how far my business will deliver?

Yes!  You can set the distance from your store that you will deliver.

Can I set specific times that I will allow mobile ordering?

Yes!  You can set what times (say only lunch from 11 to 2 Monday through Friday…) that you will accept Mobile Orders.

Can restaurant customers pre-order their food to dine-in?

Yes!   It is easy to setup the Mobile ordering system for any combination of Dine-In, Take-Out or Deliver.

Can I offer the same mobile ordering from my existing web site?

Yes!   We include what’s called a “code snippet” for a web ordering store at no charge when we setup your Ecommerce features.   You can have your web developer put it on your page in just a few minutes and then manage all your mobile orders from one place!

I have some branded merchandise that I sell can I sell it on my app?

Yes!  It usually requires a new Ecommerce Program to get it setup, but your subscription fee will not increase!

Coupons and Loyalty Programs

How do coupons work?

They’re easy!   We have several coupon types which allow your to enable the coupon by number of actions (Loyalty), Secret Codes (server based) and Barcode based (client self service).

The coupons are can be either one time, reusable.

Coupons can be limited to reuse only after defined time (say the next day, or the next week!)

Setting up a coupon takes only about two minutes and can be done from your secure content page.

What are Loyalty Coupons?

Loyalty Coupons are a great way to increase customer visits and give the valuable rewards for their continued patronage! These can be used for any variety of programs including coffee clubs, beer boxes, dinner events, etc.

You can think of the Loyalty Coupon as a punch card.    A “punch” is made by your server entering a secret code (which you make up) on the customer’s smartphone.

After a certain number of punches, the coupon image appears and is presented to the server for the reward!

Discount Programs

I have another restaurants/properties do you offer discounts?

Yes!   We base our pricing on the number of locations/properties your have with us and if they are a new App or the same App with additional locations.

If the additional location has the same business format (menu, specials, etc.) it will actually be the same App.  We can add the new location for no additional Startup Program and a 25% reduced monthly subscription fee per restaurant property with us.[i]

If it’s a different format, then it will be a new App.   We offer a 15% discount on both the Startup Program and the monthly subscription for all your properties with us.*

I have some business friends who would want an app, is there a referral program?

Yes!   We love referrals!   For each client that you refer to us, we will discount a single App monthly subscription of yours by 10% for as long as they are a client of Your Apps Company![ii]

The Referral Program is cumulative, which means that the more Clients you refer to us, and that join with us, the greater your discount all the way to FREE!

And, we do not stop at free!  

Once you’ve gotten all of your monthly subscription for free, we begin to pay you at the same rate monthly!   This means that we will actually pay you monthly for as long as those clients are with us!

Why does the Apple app take a few weeks to get published?

We do everything we can to expedite the process of getting your App published in Apple iTunes.   However, Apple has VERY strict requirements for review, which usually means about a 7-10 business day publishing time.

Google Play (Android) and Mobile Web Apps are ready to go usually within 1 business day!

How will people download my app?

We provide Standard Marketing material which direct your customers either to the App Store or to use what is called a QR code which they scan with their device and downloads/installs your App.   It’s that easy!

We also provide search terms within your App Store material to allow your customers to easily find you through the App Stores directly!

Can my current Web Site we set to download my App?

Yes!   We will provide you with options to modify your existing site to make it mobile and App friendly!

Do you provide marketing materials for my store?

Yes!   We will provide you with five tabletop posters with your restaurant logo/details and app information.  Also, we will send you’re the Photoshop artwork so that you can generate more material yourself and post it on your website!

I don’t have any really good images to use for my app, what can I do?

No problem.   We can either use our standard image library or we offer a professional photography service (within a certain distance or our headquarters) to get you great quality images!  Just contact us for more details.


Having my own App sounds good, but what does it cost?

My Restaurant Apps has developed the fastest and easiest way to deliver customized apps ever.   As such we can offer our clients low prices at incredible value.    Our pricing can and will pay for itself every month.

Pricing is in two parts, startup fees and monthly subscriptions.    Startup Programs are as low as $299 and Subscriptions are as low as $79 per month.

We have discount programs available for multiple locations and referrals which cumulatively can reduce your costs even further!

So, am I committed to a long-term contract?

No, we have several pricing programs from month-to-month to longer term!

Support & Service

If I have a question or a problem, what do I do?

Call us or email us!   We only succeed when you do!   We are here to help and truly enjoy what we do.  Email us at support@YourAppsCompany.com or call us directly at 610-457-9805.

Are there new features coming?

Always!   We continually update and add new features.   We will keep you informed through our web site and newsletter, as new features are available.

[i] Discount Programs require a single recurring billing account.   If the locations/properties are not managed from a single account, then the discount will be reduced by 5%.

[ii] Referral Program requires that you contact MRA directly with the referral information by email at sales@YourAppsCompany.com prior to our having an app agreement with the referral.   The Referral Discount will terminate if your Subscription is terminated or in default or if the Referral Client is terminated or in default.