Public Safety Apps

Public Safety Mobile Apps for Police, Sheriff & Marshall Departments

When is the last time you used a phonebook? How about a pay-phone??

Landlines have given way to cell phones with 90% of Americans owning mobile phones.

Most people browse and look for things on the web with their phone! Desktop usage is at an all-time low and continually declining…

Even more important, smartphones have reached a critical mass with 65% ownership in the US! And, that number is expected to be 90% by 2016!

What does this mean for public safety professionals? It means that your municipality needs to be available where your people are… on mobile devices.

Your mission is to serve the needs of your constituents and provide timely information and access to community resources. Your Apps Company will put your information & resources in the hands of your people


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It’s Your App! 

Create an app that your constituents will TRUST

“Of course”, you say! But, there are other companies offering “FREE” apps, where there’s no cost to you because you run their third party advertisements on your app. How is that yours? And more importantly, how does that establish TRUST with your people?

Your constituents deserve tools they can trust, that are controlled by you and containing the information and features that matters and is important to them. You wouldn’t accept “free” cruisers that were covered in ads, right? Then you don’t want an app that you can’t control and that’s covered in ads.

Your Apps Company helps you create a TRUSTWORTHY app that serves your constituents’ needs…

Designed for “Your Department”  Not a “one size fits all”

You have a choice in who will develop, publish and maintain your App… But an “App” is much more then a website ever was or will be… It is literally with your constituents wherever they go and whenever they are…

Your Department App will be…

      • OPERATIONAL on ALL Apple and Android Devices out of the box.
      • AVAILABLE in Apple iTunes and Google Play App Stores.
      • READY for users to use to with no extra steps or logins!
      • CONNECTED to your social media. (90% of those under 30 use it daily!)
      • CONTAIN the graphics, colors, “look and feel” you choose.
      • YOUR CONTENT, presented in a user-friendly way for your constituents.
      • UPDATABLE– completely, simply and securely!
      • MAINTAINED and supported 24/7/365. (The way you work!)
      • BUILT and maintained by a USA-based company.
      • YOURS! No ads EVER! Not a third party app that is unknown & untrusted.
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Here is a partial list of features for “YOUR DEPARTMENT” APP!

Compare our features with literally any other competitor out there…

Compare the time to deliver your app…  (1-2 weeks)

Compare our service and support… (24/7/365)

Then compare our pricing… (really affordable!)

If you don’t see a feature on here, just ask!   We are adding more based upon customer feedback all the time!

  • Android, Apple mobile phone and tablet Apps
  • Easy-to-use, fully customizable App interface for your community
  • Published and available for free download in Apple iTunes and Google Play App Stores with departments App Name & App details
  • Secure Content Management System to update all Apps Immediately
  • Automatically update your App from your current systems*
  • Training Included
    • App Content Easily managed through Secure Content Management System
    • 24/7/365 USA Based Support
  • Department Contact Details with multiple facility/location/department content:
    • Name/Location/Title
    • Phone (direct dial capable)
    • Address (with Google Maps Directions)
    • Email
  • Social Media Integration for central connection to the community
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Google+
    • YouTube
    • Instagram
    • Picasa
    • Flickr
  • Push Messages Directly to all App User
    • Immediate or Scheduled Messages to the Front of their Mobile Device
    • Simultaneous/Automatic Messages to your Facebook and Twitter
    • Link to App/Web Content within message
    • Geo-Fenced to the location/area that you specify
  • Report a Crime/Tip
    • Anonymous
    • Custom Fields/Forms
    • Optional Pictures and Audio
  • Missing Children – Integrated with National Center For Missing & Exploited Children
  • Accidents *
  • Incarcerated Listing *
  • Wanted/Warrant Listings + Details (Photo, Description, etc.) *
  • Event Calendar
    • Announce and Upcoming Events
    • Integrated with User’s Mobile Calendar
  • User-sent tip/report via email
    • User can choose to be anonymous
    • Include optional photo
  • Staff Directory
    • Organized listings of Personnel
    • Department/Functional Organization
    • Photos so public can know who they need and who to trust
  • Facility Locations
    • Station, Substation, Temporary Facilities
    • Mapping and Directions
    • Include Facility Details: hours, function, contact, personnel, photos…
  • News Listings Individual and/or Integrated to you current RSS Feed
  • Extended Community Content – Up to 2 Further Buttons for miscellaneous community information

*(Your IT systems must be have this capability and we must be given required access to those systems for these features)

  • Extension Features:

    (Request Quote)

        • RMS/CAD/Web Database Integration Custom Programming
        • Customize to integrate with whatever you need
        • 24/7 update service  (we do all the work all the time!)

    That’s A LOT OF FEATURES, RIGHT? NOW, take a look at our pricing approach…
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    Simple, Affordable, Valuable

    We believe in simple pricing.

    You have a budget and need to control costs.

    Your Apps Company offers very straightforward choices with a pricing model based upon subscriptions.

    A subscription model allows us to fund the continued (and unending) development and maintenance required to keep Your Department App working properly on all the new devices and software that are reaching the market daily. The subscription model also means that your software is always up-to-date, month-to-month, and year-to-year.

    With no subscription plan, you can cancel at any time, but we do charge a Setup fee.   What’s a setup fee?

    Setup covers development, graphic design, app setup, training, publishing to app stores and webinar training of your personnel on content management.   (no setup fee if you have a subscription plans!)

    Subscription plans cover 24/7/365 email and phone support, new device updates, new features, continuous training, client content portal and more!   (A subscription prepay discount is also available)

    Extension Features are options that extend Your App to include features that are uniquely yours.   We will work with you and your team to specify the project and then quote you based upon that specification.   All Apps are extendable now and into the future.

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